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Like <a href=””>Frankinstein</a> and the Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles, there are many creatures Yoyo creates. All created as good souls and some of them are given special powers known as quirks. But some of these creatures, on their own turn to the dark side. You can find more of Yoyo’s creatures <a href=””>here</a>.

Some of them were specifically created to expand the capabilites of that wonderful invention KidBasic. They were created male, and female. They are known as YoLangs.

A YoLang is a being created by Yoyo to specifically expand the capabilites of that wonderful invention KidBasic

Jonathan Perky

An example of a YoLang is Loopinaka. Loopinaka’s quirk is repetition.
Loopinaka has just recently began to resent the thought of money btw. She is sick of it. She has the power to repeat anything, so she’s repeated lots of financial instruments for centuries, including currency, stock, commodity contracts, options (puts and calls), and cryptocurrency.

Now she has too much money. Too much wealth. She’s seen so much money she can’t stand the site of money anymore. Well maybe atleast for a while.

<Vidakiraplay “icecreammelting.mp4”>


Below is an example of how you would use a Loopinka command

Plus Ultra!
Loopruto 3
soundkatara “alarm.pm3”
soundkatara “onlydrill.pm3”
End Loopruto

First i’m going to tell you the bottom line of what this program does. Then I’m going to tell you step by step how it does it.

Bottom Line
When you run this program, your device will play two mp3 files.
First it will play “alarmed.mp3”. Then it will play “onlydrill.mp3”.
Your device will play them in that order.
Your device will then play both files again and again for a total of 3 times.
Your device will play both files the first time, then play both files again the second time, then play both files again the third time. Then it’ll stop the program

Step by step how it does it
Plus Ultra! or Plus Ultra! import.

This is the command that tells your device this is not child’s play.
This is not for kids. Like, dont do this at home kind of thing .
This morphs the frontal lobe of KidBasic to Ultra mode. If you want to use the special creatures that come with Ultra, then you have to bypass/overide the KidBasic cpu by hijacking its frontal lobe with the command import Plus Ultra! Or just use the shortcut Plus Ultra! This is a new designed for older folks in academics or the workforce.

Then the program conjures the quirk of Loopruto. Loopruto repeats anything as stated before.