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If you eat your veggies then you get to go outside or play a game. If not, no game, no fun. 🙂

Sounds like something a good mom would say.

If you do something good, then you get something good.

But sometimes, it’s not about getting something good. Sometimes it can be about anything at all. Maybe even something bad.

Computers know how to make a choice when you tell them what choice to make.

Below we’ll talk about code (commands) that help computers make choices.

Yes, I’ve had all the drinks above! I enjoyed the pineapple slushy the most mainly because of the presentation. I’m big on presentation. I loved how the fruity slush was served in the pineapple itself. It was cool and delicious. No, I didn’t share.

– The guy who brought all the drinks to the party (but didn’t share)

Let’s teach the computer a thing or two about life. Let’s use the saying, “If life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”

This means if something uncool or negative happens, don’t let it bog you down. Don’t worry, be happy.

Focus on how you can make the situation better. For example, if a student comes late to class, give them a hug and say, “You know u wrong for this. You rascal.” You’ll feel better. They’ll feel better. I’ll feel better. The entire city will feel better. All from one little hug. HelloO! Okay let’s take a look at how computers can get in on some of this good stuff.

IF life gives you lemons
Make lemonade
Otherwise, if life gives you fruit
Make a slushy
Otherwise, get some coffee

Let’s use Javascript to communicate this to a computer

life = "lemons";
if  (life == "lemons")
  alert("Make lemonade")
else if (life == "fruit")
  alert("Make a slushy")
  alert("Get some coffee")

OPEN the JavaScript Code Editor and type the code above in the left window. Then click the “Run” button.

When Astronauts land on a Planet

They plant the flag of their country on the planet to show their country has been there. This astronaut just landed on Mars.

She planted the flag of her planet Barsoom, to represent all countries on her planet. That’s inclusive of her.