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In the Night, In the Dark..

It’s night. You’re on your way home from a movie. Walking because it’s nice out. Suddenly, you notice a rocket approaching from the sky, shooting down fast through the stars. The rocket slows down and lands right in front of you. You’re frightened, amazed, almost have an out of body experience. At the same time, you’re excited, mesmerized, highly intrigued 🙂

The door of the rocket slides up and out steps an astronaut.
He walks right up to you and says hello. You should reply.

In KidBasic language, this is how the conversation would go.

say: hello

In Python, this is how the conversation would go.


An Astronaut says hello

Let’s try it in Python.

OPEN the Python Code Editor in a new screen.

In the left window, type the command to print Hello. Then click on the “Run” button. The results of your code will appear in the right window.


What you typed in the left window is known as computer code or just code for short. This computer code is also known as a computer program. A computer program is an instruction (command) or a bunch of instructions (commands) that a computer obeys to produce results.

It's time for the astronaut to head back to the space station. He's late for a date at Coldstone on planet Pluto.
He and his friend plan to through icecream at people passing by the Coldstone.

BYE Felicia.

How would you say bye to the astronaut in Python?

OPEN the Python Code Editor to type and test the code.

What is Python? What is KidBasic?

Python and KidBasic are computer languages. They’re languages that people use to communicate with computers.

Just like humans communicate with other humans using a language like French, Spanish, English or Chinese.
Computers have their own languages that you can use to communicate with them.

Examples of Computer Languages:

Java, Python, JavaScript, C++, C#, Python, KidBasic, ColdFusion, SQL